Dr. Michelle Dexter

Sexologist ~ Integrative Psychologist ~ Professor


Bioenergetic/Energy Psychology Service

Our sessions will be personalized and tailored to you. We will identify any impediments that are preventing you from achieving your goals, and we will systematically fix every one of them using Healing From the Body Level Up (HBLU) methodology. This may involve transforming limiting beliefs into affirming ones, or healing traumatic situations in your past, or releasing negative emotions, or releasing unconscious self sabotage patterns. In any case, my approach is gentle but direct.

At the conclusion of each session, you may be given a personalized treatment plan to include recommendations for vitamins, supplements, herbs, and/or homeopathic remedies. You may also be given homework assignments of yoga, meditation, relaxation exercises, or specific tasks. Your homework will be uniquely tailored to your needs.

Please call me to discuss rates.

Concierge Services

For individuals who are looking for a 1 day intensive package, concierge services within 100 miles of Encinitas, CA 92024 are available. Service will be conducted at your home, office, or hotel room. This package includes 8 hours of personalized consultation and integrative energy psychology work.

Workshops & Speaking Events

Sex, Consciousness, and Healing seminar series

This special 10 part sex positive seminar is perfect for anyone who wants to:

Improve their sex lives

Overcome sexual “hang-ups”

Be more sexually free or sexually expressive

Reconnect with his/her sexual desire

Explore the origins of his/her sexual “turn ons” and “turn offs”

Experience powerful tried and true healing methods to eliminate negative thought patterns, limiting beliefs, fears, and stuck emotions

Let’s Talk About Sex

This workshop explores sex from a socio-biological perspective. Topics covered include what makes attraction happen, what men and women really want, and practical skills for getting what you need in relationships.

Sexual Healing

This workshop is for anyone who has ever been made to feel bad, wrong, ashamed or guilty about any aspect of his/her sexuality. Participants will participate in a gentle self-insight procedure designed to release shame, promote profound healing, and claim the joy inherent in discovering their personal goodness.

Healing Chronic Pain: Yoga and Bioenergetics

This workshop is about identifying and releasing root causes of pain. The two root causes of pain - environmental causes and emotional causes - are manageable and releasable. In this workshop, participants learn how yoga and bioenergetic emotional healing can release pain. 

Participants learn about environmental toxins', allergens' and pathogens' impact on the body, in addition to learning how negative life events and stress can be the cause of chronic pain. Most importantly, participants learn about ways to alleviate pain with yoga and release the pain inducing negative emotions their bodies are holding. This gentle emotional release process is scientifically supported, easy, and quick. Best of all, when a specific negative emotion is released, it is permanently gone. If you or someone you love has pain, this workshop is for you!

Workshops are regularly scheduled at San Diego venues. Special event workshops are available upon request.